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The Egyptian protests

I have been watching the Egyptian political protests on TV for the past couple of weeks, and was delighted to see so many smiles yesterday when news reached us that Mr. Mubarak had stepped down. Even more delightful was the willingness of the people to clear up, using their own household brooms, and with all the family helping in many cases, after the protests. It really made me feel as if the Berlin Wall was coming down all over again.   

Perhaps I’m being naive about this, but I really hope that the faith of the protesters is answered. For all their forbearance and patience, they deserve to get a workable civilian government which the armed forces will support. And no, it isn’t going to happen overnight, which means that the protesters need to keep up some pressure for change. But in a few months’ time I hope to see on TV that the people of Egypt have held free and fair elections, and have stepped onto the road to democracy, and that their smiles are as wide as they were yesterday. And good luck to them, I say.


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I just can't get excited about what's happening almost half a world away. They will probably end up under Sharia law and start plotting the demise of the US.
It will be interesting to see if the military steps down in 6 months after elections - if they have elections at all. $20 says they just exchanged one dictator for another, yet to be named.
Most things going on do not affect the general populace, we are just pawns on the great chessboard of life.

hey - nice to see you posted!

Re: Your comment on Egypt & its paroxysms

I can quite see where you're coming from on this.

I really hope the military come up with the goods they've promised, but that's why I think the protesters need to keep the pressure up - even if they are just letting the military know they're still there!

"...pawns on the great chessboard of life." - as one of my writer friends would say, swoopy stuff!

I am getting there on posting. Slowly.

Re: Your comment on Egypt & its paroxysms

haha - swoopy stuff.

"Me, Swoop take umbrage at you, cleargold making fun of name. Swoop, good name (much better than Slag, for sure), tell all who see what Swoop can do. And me, Swoop have much stuff you no need to know. Most of it private, but you, rude person, should know Swoop has own med kit, given by Ratchet. Which you might need next time Swoop sees you." *grumble*

Re: Your comment on Egypt & its paroxysms

Hey, Swoop, no offence intended - in fact it's a compliment, because it means, "This is impressive!" or equivalent.

Sorry, I had meant to reply before, but things have overtaken me somewhat. I actually think Swoop is one of the most interesting of the Dinobots - his personality is more defined than some of the others.

Re: Your comment on Egypt & its paroxysms

*confers with Wheeljack*
"Um, OK. Me, Swoop take comp-la-mint and run with it."
*flies off*

I know you're busy. No pressure.
I love Swoop, I'm not sure why. Maybe because he shows hints of intelligence. I can't remember which episode in G1 featured him, but the fact that he was able to stay uncaptured spoke volumes. I don't think canon has him a junior medic, but I like the fact fandom fiction does.
I also like to think that all of the Dinobots aren't as stupid as you might think. They just have speech impediments, that's all. Similar to over here, where people who talk in a southern accent are considered to be less intelligent and uncultured. It's a preconceived notion that even I suffer from. Hard to change.

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