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Re: Phew!

Well, I’m not much into writing a diary but this has to be a bit of a celebration since I’ve finally managed to get into my own LJ account. I think the trouble started the first time I forgot my password, but I’m not exactly sure why it didn’t work when I changed it.

Anyway, since I’ve signally failed to post anything, including comments, I plan to try to post this as a bit of an experiment, especially as I’ve just been thrown out of LJ for some unkown reason! Then I might try connecting with a few other Transformers fans including my pal mdnytryder.


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Analyzing...beep, beep, clank!
Connection established.
I know, this posting thing takes practice, and I still have questions. Like, how do people get friends and community names to highlight in blue? Someday, I shall figure it out. Maybe I should ask someone.

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